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WordPress Chicago Happiness Bar: Questions Answered

I had the privilege of working at the WordCamp Chicago Happiness Bar this weekend, for a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I volunteered for WordPress just so I could work at the Happiness Bar, because I love helping people with their websites. I love this technology, that something free, and easy to use, can help people publish their ideas and plans to the world. It’s such a powerful thing.

I do learn a lot from speaker sessions, and I loved talking to all the speakers I met, but I can catch up with them on twitter and through their slideshows archived on the WordCamp Chicago 2013 website. The knowledge they have is easily accessible to me.

Dr Elinor Brown of Global ENEO showed up as soon as Happiness Bar opened on Saturday morning. She had 10 questions written down on her notepad and we got through them all.  Mike Van Winkle started out with how to import a document from Word. While I was poking around in her sidebar I point I broke her footer – I upgraded her site to 3.5.2 assuming everything would be backwards-compatible, because it always is. I’ve never had any trouble upgrading WordPress. But there was a function ft_links in her footer that broke, and I googled a bit and poked around in the theme, and I couldn’t find what it was supposed to do. I couldn’t figure out where those footer links were coming from. So I commented out ft_links and wp_footer() and copied and pasted the HTML from a cached browser window into footer.php. Hey, it worked. And honestly, it’ll be easier for Dr Brown to update in the future, because she knows HTML, she just doesn’t know where to find her weird custom footer links. We also reviewed FTP, tweaked a few settings in her gallery plugin, and set up a category with blog posts and comments as a discussion area.  We even added a ™ to her logo, and then went down to get cupcakes from the cupcake truck.

I’ll write up some other visitors to the Happiness Bar soon!