Five years ago today

I was on a plane to Frankfurt. I was moving to Geneva to work for the World Health Organization. I’d been married to the sidekick for two days, and he was going to join me in July. The American media had spent the winter enthusiastically building up to the invasion of Iraq, which was expected any day. When I arrived in Switzerland spring was well under way, and the stress of living with the pro-war US media vanished. It was like being teleported to a better world, and apart from having to find an apartment in a foreign city in a language I barely speak, everything was immediately great. I met wonderful new friends, and there was a lot of interesting cheese and cheap wine to be had.

Five years later I’m back in the States and my life is very different, but it’s good. I have a nice house, a new baby, friendly neighbors, and great plans for my garden this spring, whenever spring arrives.


4 thoughts on “Five years ago today

  1. Clare Post author

    Yeah, can you believe it? We met five years ago today. I’ll drink half a bottle of wine tonight to commemorate it:)

  2. sara

    wow! that made it 7 years ago for me. i cannot believe it. meeting people like you was one part of why that time in my life was so wonderful. you are a star miss clare.


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