How to tell if you are nine months pregnant

If you are licking clean a bowl of tiramisu as your spouse gets up from the couch, and you hand him the bowl and say “Honey, if you’re going in the kitchen could you get me some tiramisu or a piece of cake or a donut?”, you might be nine months pregnant.


7 thoughts on “How to tell if you are nine months pregnant

  1. Clare Post author

    Then I recommend having an extra box of donuts handy at all times – you’re going to need them! A rigorous donuts and ice cream regimen has worked very well for me the last few months.

  2. Om Tutu

    hahah! im afraid… very afraid! I’ve already gained 20 lbs and I still have 3 weeks left before the glorious 3rd trimester hits. I have been on a chocolate chip cookie binge lately, and i’m beginning to wonder if this is pregnancy, or the “real me” letting loose!

  3. Clare Post author

    Mmmm, blondies….I hear ya. All I want to eat is sweet things. It started at 11 weeks when I was going nuts with hunger and Ben and Jerry’s was the only thing that tasted good to me. I sat on the floor scooping it into my mouth and crying because I couldn’t stop eating it and I was going to get so fat. Well, they say breastfeeding sucks it right back off you…

  4. omtutu

    hahaha! Yea let’s not talk about the 2 cookie sheets full of cookies I ate yesterday. chocolate chip and oatmeal. frightening. Hopefully the baby will latch on for dear life and just suck away all the lbs. ehhh a woman can dream can’t she?!

  5. Shannon

    Yes, I am also counting on breastfeeding as the magic elixir to get rid of all the extra pounds. I have eaten more ice cream in the past three months than in the past three years.


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