Residential stormwater treatment and conservation

(Catchy post title, I know, but if I want people to be directed to this guy’s site, I need to make this post findable for a search engine.)

Marcus de la Fleur is a landscape architect in my area, and he has a great website detailing his solutions for dealing with stormwater runoff at his (rented) house: 168 Elm Ave – One Drop at a Time.

Water conservation is one of my personal soapbox issues. Briefly, I know people whose houses have been ruined by a new “big box” store’s parking lot altering the water table for up to a mile around, water we use is taken from ecologies that would be prettier and healthier if we didn’t use so much, and in a few decades water is going to be as expensive and conflict-causing as oil is now, even for those of us here in the rich countries, so the sooner we figure out better ways to deal with it, the better. And as they say, act locally.

I’m all proud of myself for my single rain barrel and my passive-irrigation compost/tomato setup, and this guy has a whole water system with a fantastic looking grass gravel parking spot. If you own property and have trouble with flooding, or you just want to save some water to use on your own garden, check out what he’s done.

Aside from the impressive content, his website is well-organized. There’s PDFs with detailed directions for each of his projects and photos of the projects under way. I love the brick permeable pavement – I’m gonna make some next summer when we rip up our crappy old concrete.


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