Nature vs nurture vs the universe’s sense of humor

princess cheerleader - my nightmareSince we found out we’re having a girl, the sidekick and I have been more interested in the next-door-neighbor children. They’re fraternal twin girls, 4 years old, and unlike the twins I’ve met who seem to match, between them they cover a spectrum of female characteristics.

The other day the twins proudly showed off t-shirts they’d picked out for the first day of preschool. One twin’s said “Princess” and the other twin’s said “Soccer”. This sums up each of their personalities. One of them, Girly Twin, always wears dresses and enjoys drama and all things princessy. Sporty Twin, on the other hand, always wears shorts and t-shirts and loves being athletic. She’s making decent progress with the whiffle ball and bat.

They have pretty much the same genes and are being raised in the same environment, so how are they so different? Did each of them have the innate potential for certain interests when they were born?

This is why the sidekick and I fear that in spite of our introverted geek dork personalities and a fairly gender-role-balanced home environment we’ll end up with an extroverted princess daughter who wants to wear short skirts and cheer for boys.

2 thoughts on “Nature vs nurture vs the universe’s sense of humor

  1. Clare Post author

    In all honesty, I have to admit that I spent most of my 7th year dressed as a princess as I cruised around the neighborhood via bike and rollerskates. I wore a lacy women’s nightgown over my clothes for a “princess dress” and a fake-pearl-necklace crown. So, there’s some recessive gene in there somewhere, but it doesn’t seem to have done me any permanent harm.

    Interesting article – that human genome stuff is amazing.


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