The evilest fairy in the world

Tuesday night I went to my sister-in-law’s house to entertain the four-year-old niece, J, while the newborn niece was being calmed and fed. My job on these visits is to tell a ‘Once upon a time’ story and get J into bed. The story isn’t so much a story as an interactive roleplaying game directed by J and featuring every object in her bedroom. Summary of Tuesday night’s story:

  • I was an witch who wanted to cast a spell on the chief fairy, J. The spell would turn her into a bird who only liked black things, which would be represented by putting on a big pink boa.
  • No matter how I cast the spell, J was able to deflect it by waving a purple lei and giggle-shrieking. I eventually just gave up and put the boa on myself and became a grouchy goth bird.
  • After defeating me, J deputized me to find the evilest fairy in the world. I asked around the bedroom and in a surprising third-act reversal discovered that J herself was the evilest fairy in the world.

I thought the changing roles of good and evil gave this story an unusual sophistication. Sort of like L.A. Confidential, but with fairies. Fairy noir.

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