Where’d the cheese go? A Costco lament.

I just got back from a trip to Costco, and I am sad. Not really sad, just “one of my first world luxuries is now more difficult to acquire” sad.

Costco is no longer carrying any kind of Gruyère. Not the cave-aged Emmi, which was the real stuff, or the Comte Jura fake stuff, which was so cheap I could shred it by the quarter-pound into fritattas or fondue and leave the rest of it sitting in a cheese dome on the countertop, where it would usually last almost a week before we munched it all. It was great having chunks of such tasty dairy goodness to come home to.

Sigh. The prospect of a life without ten-dollar-a-pound Gruyère is bleak and flavorless. The knowledge that Costco now sells stroopwafels is little consolation. Woe.

2 thoughts on “Where’d the cheese go? A Costco lament.

  1. Amy

    I noticed that Costco is no longer carrying any good cheese and have switched to economy pack of Alouette and baby-bels. Don’t get me wrong, there is no bad cheese to me, but I didn’t see any big cheap rounds of brie and that was the whole reason I pay $40 per year.

  2. Clare Post author

    They still carry really nice manchego and stilton, and the goat gouda is pretty good, but that Comte Jura was just awesome. As long as they have the $4/pound organic baby greens they get my $40, because I go through that stuff by the bowlful.


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