5 little known things about me

I’ve been tagged by Sara. Here goes…

  1. My hair is not naturally wavy, or at least not genetically wavy. It was straight up until 1989, when I got a perm (1989 was a year of particularly big hair) and ever since then, it’s been wavy. A hairdresser once told me that your hair’s straightness or curliness depends on the shape of the holes it grows out of, and that the chemicals in perms can change the shape of those holes permanently. Not very scientific, but it’s the best explanation I’ve heard.
  2. I’m allergic to champagne. Also Zima, wine coolers, and any other bubbly alcoholic beverage, but since I don’t drink those anyway it’s only the champagne problem that affects me.
  3. I have an orange belt in tae kwon do, the result of a few classes I took when I was 13 or 14.
  4. After college I had a job dressing mannequins at a department store in what claims to be America’s second-oldest mall. It was kind of a dump at the time, and probably hasn’t improved much since. The job caused lots of dreams about naked dismembered limbs and torsos.
  5. When I was a kid I accidentally stepped on my brother’s pet duckling and killed it. It was pretty awful.
  6. I tag Dave.

5 thoughts on “5 little known things about me

  1. Sara Wood

    You have to tag more than 1 person! My brother squeezed the breath out of my parakeet when I was 5. I guess the maiming and killing of small birds is a common mishap in homes that have both small birds and small children.

  2. Clare Post author

    Everyone else I know who blogs has already done this tag! And little birds are delicate. They could drop dead of anything at any time. That parakeet might have coincidentally just died while your brother was squeezing it.


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