The type of intelligence I don’t have

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences proposes that each person has varying levels of each of several types of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematic, musical, social, etc. People who have a lot of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are coordinated, graceful, and have good muscle memory. I am not one of these people, as may be seen in the following examples:

  1. While following along with the fine fitness DVD “Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease”, I fell over while attempting to grab my ankles and shake my ass at the same time.
  2. While following along with the comcast on-demand program “Bellydance Sweat 1”, I had to pause the TV eight times to figure out how to
    wave my arms at the same time as moving my feet.
  3. A few weeks ago I tried to do the Mambo Shuffle and ended up dancing around randomly like some kind of dance floor anarchist.
  4. Every time I’ve ever played a sport, ever.

That’s why I like running; it’s impossible to get physically confused. Left, right, breathe, repeat. Got it.

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