Baked tilapia with tomatoes & olives

Baked Tilapia with Tomatoes & Olives

Tilapia was on sale at Jewel, so I grabbed a couple fillets and googled for recipes that used ingredients I have sitting around the house. I liked this recipe because it involved nothing more complicated than chopping, and it gave me an excuse to use some tomatoes. I have dozens of tomatoes that were picked green before the first frost and are slowly ripening in the basement. They’re a little wrinkly and the flavor is not great, but they’re fine for cooking.

I only made 2 servings, so I eyeballed the quantities. I substituted vidalia for the red onions and bottled lemon juice for the “fresh lime juice”. And I didn’t peel or seed the tomatoes because that’s just tedious. Most of the seeds ooze out on the cutting board anyway. I did actually have fresh thyme – I potted some from the garden before the big snowfall last week. My rosemary wasn’t rescued and is lost forever, unless 6 inches of snow has an insulative effect.

It was pretty tasty. I served the fish on top of couscous, and the juices from the sauce ran down and made the couscous more interesting. On the side I made broccoli, or, as I’ve been calling it lately, boringcoli. Next time I make this I’ll have to find a more suitable vegetable. Something vaguely mediterranean. Maybe I could put sliced eggplant right in the baking dish with the fish.

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