Paladin of Souls

Paladin of Souls: A Novel, Lois McMaster Bujold

yeah, I know. Fantasy is more dorky than geeky, and I aspire to geek. But I can’t stop craving a nice light fantasy; they’re like literary Pringles. And anyway, this book is “A Novel”, so it must be okay.

I’ve been wanting to read something with magic and swordfights for a while, but unfortunately, most of the genre seems to suck like the Great Vortex of Suk’thia that sucked all the magic out of the world in the last Age. I just made that up, and that’s what much of the fantasy I’ve tried lately reads like: somebody made something up and stuck in a few apostrophes and maybe a few words in italics, and then they were done.

Anyway, Paladin of Souls was a tasty, satisfying mashed potato of a book. Some nicely written action scenes, some reasonable magic, and an intelligent middle-aged widowed heroine who has a crush on the illegitimate son of her late husband’s male lover, who is also sort of undead. Whee!

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